Most Distribution Center’s labor (66%) is concentrated in the order fulfillment processes.

The typical Warehouse Management System (WMS) is designed with a primary focus on overall inventory management and a secondary focus on productivity.

The Warehouse Execution System (WES) is designed with a primary focus on productivity in the order fulfillment processes and those specific inventory management requirements associated with efficient order picking, packing, and shipping.

Unlike traditional Warehouse Management Systems, the WES “Add-Ons” provide a realistic fast track to a highly productive operational environment:

    • The “WES” focuses enhancements based on immediate needs first
    • Processes are flexible and easily tailored to solve specific problems
    • The Modular design supports expanding functionality to a full WMS on an incremental basis
    • “Add-On” Interfaces with the host are simple and well defined
    • Rapid and modular implementation means better management of schedule performance
    • Functionality includes: Specialized Inventory Management, Order Management and Wave Planning, Directed Picking and Kitting (with or w/o Lights), Workload Management, Carton Cubing, and Directed Packing and Bar Code Label Printing

The WES can also be bundled with carts, lights, tablets, and hand-held devices and supports standard interfaces to almost all existing automated material handling equipment.

In Summary, the “WES Suite” is a well-defined and tightly integrated State-of-the-Art modular processes that provides up to 90% of required distribution functionality “out of the box” while reducing the financial risk of protracted and complex software development and implementation.

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